Beer Lovers Rejoice

Prost! With Oktoberfest beginning on September 22nd and two National beer holidays this month, that can mean only one thing…beer season! It kicks off September 7th, with National Beer Lover’s Day. Then mid-Oktoberfest, September 28th, we celebrate National Drink Beer Day. Let’s take a virtual tour to just some of the local breweries in Albuquerque, celebrate what they have done for the community, marketing, and just our appreciation for them.


Beer Lovers Rejoice

Beer Variety in ABQ

You don’t have to travel too far to celebrate good beer and Oktoberfest. With a list of more than 40 breweries in Albuquerque alone, there are plenty of options and flavors. Actually, when travelling out of the state or even abroad, I have had yet to encounter the huge selection found here. Breweries have boomed recently, becoming part of the millennial lifestyle. You can go play games, meet your friends, have dinner, make terrariums, enjoy live music; it’s the weekend go to! Local breweries are also very community involved, from charity events, to donations and giving back, they prove Burque has a lot to offer. So come visit our quaint little city this month, watch the leaves change, while enjoying a cold brewsky. Plus, if you stay long enough, you can catch the International Balloon Fiesta!

Crazy Flavors, Customer Loyalty

As a young girl, my dad always would say, “Ladies don’t drink beer,” as he sipped his Bud Light. That’s before Bosque Brewing’s “Elephants on Parade,” which is pink colored deliciousness with raspberries and cherries. Or Red Door Brewing’s “Peach Berliner Weisse”, peachy, sour, and refreshing. Not only are there fruity flavors, you have your double IPA’s with an extra punch, tequila barreled beer, stouts, milk chocolate stouts, pale ales, traditional pilsners and the list goes on and on. I am still learning the differences and chemistry behind what makes each beer different. Our local breweries love teaching and sharing their expertise with their loyal beer drinkers, on a brewery tour or just when sampling an extravagant new flavor. Our hometown breweries build a loyal following with friendly brew-istas, fresh beers that keep us on our toes and our classic favorites. My closet is full of merchandise from my favorite breweries.


Marketing/ Challenging Larger Makers

In the marketing world of local craft beer establishments, we don’t have a gimmick such as “Dilly dilly”, the most interesting man in the world or Clydesdales to grab your attention. Instead we have fun interactive social media marketing. For any information regarding an upcoming event or flavor release you can almost always check a brewery’s Facebook or Instagram pages. Another great way (and my favorite) to find out information about a brewery is simply going on in! They will post news on their walls for you to see, while you’re there, in hopes of you returning. You probably won’t find a craft beer billboard, tv spot, or even radio spot for our hometown beer. Unlike larger beer makers, craft breweries represent what they are and what they stand for through their marketing style; small and relaxed. We’re all friends here, we spread the word on a great taste or new brewery with people we know, while the lovingly crafted beverages do most of the marketing themselves.

Beer Lovers Rejoice


New Mexico is home to many wonderful things, including fantastic flavors and variety of beer. We hope you come visit us soon, enjoy a cold one and perhaps a tasty pizza, with green chile of course.