The Best Ads, Keep It Simple

The Best Ads, Keep It Simple

  In a world where marketing is every bit as much an educational tool as it is a sales asset

too many people fall back on the instinct of “let’s tell a customer everything they need to know about why a product or service is the best as quickly as possible.”

While this is a noble effort, it could also be a disastrous one. If you overwhelm or confuse your customers with too much information, you stand the chance of turning them away.

For an example of how important this is, take a look at one of the most successful and profitable companies in the history of mankind: Apple. Apple sells devices that are more powerful than the space shuttle that took men to the moon in the 1960s. However, do their marketing ads paint complicated pictures that are filled to the brim with technical specifications the average person cannot understand? No – every piece of marketing collateral Apple publishes is sleek, simple and sophisticated. They put the products front and center, show off why something is cool and how something can improve a customer’s life as quickly as possible.

Short. Simple. To the point. The advanced information is there if someone wants it, but it isn’t “in there face” in a way that might put off someone who is just trying to figure out why so many people are talking about smart watches.

Marketing is a communications medium at its heart. For the best results, make an effort to keep things as clean and as simple in your advertising as possible at all times. As for the technical jargon? Save that for elsewhere, like your website and brochures.